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The traditional "Fjera Svetog Duje" Festival is a holiday dedicated to Saint Dominus (locally known and loved as Sveti Duje), the bishop of Salona and the patron saint of Split who lived and was executed during the reign of Diocletian, the Roman Emperor whose palace is the number one must-see of Split. The Sveti Duje Festival has a centuries-long tradition and is an opulent celebration in the best Dalmatian manner. The holiday proper falls on May the 7th, but the entire Festival lasts for a full ten days at the start of May, during which time around a hundred events take place to mark the special occasion. The Festival is regularly visited by many Croatian and foreign dignitaries: Croatian presidents as well as international delegations and ambassadors are equally eager to attend. Indeed, the Festival has something for everyone, young and old alike! Children can enjoy thematic theatre plays and art workshops, while adults can visit numerous art and photography exhibitions of both local artists and those of international fame. There are also many opportunities to learn about Split and the people of great significance for the city via documentary films screened at the Festival. Music is a beloved Dalmatian tradition, where families sing at home and outside it, and Split is one of the places where one can still come across klapa singing in the streets, just like men used to do in the olden day. This traditional a cappella singing is only a fraction of what lovers of music have to look forward to during the 10 days of the Fjera Svetog Duje. Dalmatian cuisine is famous the world over for a reason and in Split there is not better excuse for a celebration of the scents and tastes of local homemade food and wine than the Festival of the Patron Saint of the city. Croatian sports have a well-deserved international reputation, but during the Festival it is all about Split and Duje, so be sure not to miss the Split Skydiving Cup and the "Sv. Duje" International Rowing Regatta or the Bocce Tournament "Sv. Duji Splita grada", should you prefer old & traditional games. In the very center of if all - and perfect for a brief visit to both the city and its magnificent Festival - is the Luxe Hotel, where we warmly recommend you stay for an awesome experience of Fjera Svetog Duje.


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