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Dalmatian Hinterland - called "Zagora" in Croatian is an exceptionally beautiful part of Croatia that hides a treasure trove of sights and activities for tourists in search of beauty, fun and adventure. Visit the city of Imotski for its nearby karst lakes, the stunning nearby Red Lake and the Blue Lake where you can enjoy walking, swimming or meditating. Or you can go kayaking and rafting down the Cetina river, a green snake weaving its way slowly down the gorgeous slopes of the Dinara mountain. If the road takes you to Peruča lake, you will be treated to a wonderful vista, especially from nearby hills overlooking the lake. Visit the town of Vrlika, for local customs and history.Visit the Prozor Fortress that was the stronghold of Dalamtae, the Illyrian tribe after which the whole region is named or the 9th century Church of Holy Salvation. Check out the Vrlika national costumes and see their unique, silent folklore dance. One of the most famous summer activities in Croatia is Alka, an equestrian competition held every August since 1717 in commemoration of the Croatian-Venetian victory over the Ottoman army, drawing in crowds of thousands. One can only be a knight alkar if one is born in Sinj, so the small town where Alka is held got to be the only one to keep a midwife on hadn when out-of-hospital birth in Croatia was abolished. The town of Trilj is beloved by soccer enthusiasts since it’s considered the first place to host a soccer match in recorded history, back in the first century BC. The foodies also love for the plethora of traditional Dalmatian delicacies that its is famous for, especially the lamb. Cycling, free climbing and horseback riding, paragliding, trekking and good eating - there is nothing the Dalmatian Hinterland cannot offer to the adventurous.


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