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Record Tourist Season in Split

The city of Split is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. While it does teem with visitors all summer long, it is also increasingly popular out of season, well into September. The reason for this is its rich and varied offer, from music and arts festivals with concerts and folklore dances. Of special note is the "Splitski litnji koluri" (Split's Summer Colors) Festival, during which 96 concerts of classic and traditional music are held, with guest performers coming in from all over Europe and the world. 

 Excellent entertainment, quirky and regular recreation opportunities and fantastic food, along with a great atmosphere, are a perfect draw for people of all kinds since they ensure all visitors to this beautiful city will enjoy their stay, whatever their tastes and wants. And many wish they never had to leave! In the end some never do, so Split has a lively expat scene as well! The weather that stays mild and warm throughout the year doubtless has a lot to do with this, as well as the fact that on a warm year, swimming in October is a regular occurrence. This is why many tourists - local and international - pop by for an autumn weekend in Split. 

 Accommodation in Split is not difficult to find and there are many quality places, including the Luxe, a charming and well-located hotel with accessible prices and great service, which makes it a perfect base camp for the exploration of local color and offer. In Dalmatia and its hinterland, that can lead to many a stunning moment and more than a few Kodak ones! 

 Since the tourist season isn't nearly over, come down to Split and experience its wonders for yourself without waiting for next year!

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