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Feel the Rush to the Head: Luxe-urios Adventures on the Cetina River

At the Hotel Luxe, it is our privilege to satisfy all your cravings and if you are looking for some unforgettable adrenaline-releasing adventure, gosh, do we have good news for you! Among our offer of Luxe-urios experiences, we wholeheartedly recommend you come with us to the source of the Cetina river where the choices of both adventurous and relaxing activities come in an unbelievable abundance. 

We will take you to the city of Omiš wherein the fabulous Cetina river meets the ever clear blue sea and the scenery is just a wonder to behold. In the immediate vicinity, you can enjoy the idyllic Radmanove Mlinice, a place straight out of a fairytale with old mills and yummy local dishes. From there on, it’s adventure all the way. First, have a unique, transformative experience of zip- lining above the Cetina Canyon, a ride of your life more than 3 hours and 2 kilometers long. From 100 meters above ground, you will be able to admire the majestic beauty of pristine nature as the blood rushes to your head, making you feel gloriously alive. 

And this is just the beginning of the adventure! We sincerely recommend you take us up on our offer to take you rafting up and down this beautiful life-giving river and scream with pleasure as the boat navigates the bumpy rapids. You can immerse yourself in nature even more deeply by choosing to go canyoning where we combine hiking, rowing and swimming under the waterfalls into an adventure to remember. Whether you’re into hiking, free climbing or trekking, be sure to bring your gear as we take you atop the hills from where you will hungrily gaze at the view of all the Middle Dalmatian islands, the most precious of pearls blissfully scattered across the photographically inviting Adriatic Sea. 

Do you believe you can fly? We know you can, and we will prove it by taking you paragliding above the gorgeous Omiš coastline straight into one of the hundreds of beaches where you can swim into the sunset.

Believe it or not, we can fit all that into one single day of sheer happiness, and, best of all, the adventures we offer are perfectly safe for all adults, no matter what your level of physical fitness may be.

Hotel Luxe has many more adventures to offer you. Be sure to inquire about the majestic tours of Dalmatian islands as our speedboats will take you wherever you desire and our enthusiastic experts will guide you all the way. It is our honor to share it all with you!

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